Monday, October 8, 2012

Mawka Moka

 We are sending out a big ol' welcome to our friends at Mawka Moka, the newest beverage cafe in town! Mawka has a gawking because they offer such great alternatives to hot and cold beverages.  They have taken the 'coffee' out of the cafe but still offer delicious flavored beverages. You can even substitute sugar with honey or sweetener, dairy milk for soy milk, and even have a gluten-free mawka!  How about that? What great timing for a warm, frothy drink during the recent fall weather.

Everyone check them out out or stop in to give them a taste1394 North Freedom Blvd. (across from Provo High School and nestled inside the Alpine Village Apartments).  Let us know what your faves are so we can be sure to taste them ourselves!

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