Thursday, December 6, 2012

Frontrunner Arrival!

This morning we attended the celebration for the completion of the Frontrunner!  The train was the one who did the ribbon cutting for the celebratory services.  We found out some key information that we thought our readers might want to know:

1. Fares: 
  • Base-$2.35
  • Additional stops: $.55
  • Max. Salt Lake to Pleasant View: $5.10 
  • Senior and Reduce: $1.15
  • Additional stops: $.25
  • Max. Salt Lake to Pleasant View: $2.40 
  • Monthly Pass: $189.00
  • Group pass: $14.00

2. Connections: 
  • Your base fare is good for a full 2 hours of service
  • You can hop on any UTA bus during your 2 hours in addition to your Frontrunner rides
We couldn't be more excited for our Salt Lake friends to come visit and our Utah Valley friends to have ways to travel in and out of our great valley.  The Frontrunner opens to the public Saturday! Grab the kids and try it out this week.


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