Friday, December 6, 2013

I like caramel with my hot chocolate

Well, the cold is officially here! Love it or hate it, this is the time to break out the hot chocolate and unpack the pink snuggies hidden under your daughter's bed. With snow on the ground, we are giving you our list of fun 'dos' for this next week.


Do 1: Watch A Christmas Carol

This family outing will be as timeless as the play. Nothing makes memories like the warm charm of the Hale Center Theater combined with a Dickens classic. I've been to Hale Theater many times and am always taken with the ambiance and the quality of the performances. Treat your kids to the giving side of the holidays with A Christmas Carol. It's a great date night and an even better evening with the family. You'll be surprised how enjoyable it is for your younger kids!

Do 2: "Lights on" in Provo


I know I know, ANOTHER tree lighting ceremony. However, downtown Provo isn't your run of the bunch outlet mall. Downtown Provo is the gem with a personality to match you lovers of the holidays. The fun starts Saturday, December 7th at 7 p.m. Santa himself will be illuminating the lights outside of the City Center, so bring some of the kids. There will be caroling and hot chocolate afterwards. It's always fun to walk around and see the downtown lights. You will be in walking distance of the new temple, the new Nuskin building, and dozens of great restaurants.

  Do 3: Tim Tam Slams

This is my personal favorite treat. It's yummy, and it is also really fun to say out loud. If you're unfortunate enough to not know what Tim Tams are, let me explain. Tim Tams are a heavenly wafer cookie with delicious chocolate filling, and of course, a chocolate exterior. Tim Tam "slams" are Tim Tams dipped in hot chocolate. Try biting off each end of the Tim Tam and drinking hot chocolate through it. The Tim Tam becomes a straw that melts and gets all gooey. The melted chocolate on peoples' faces also makes for good Christmas card pictures (hint hint).


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